Whether you prefer the serene solitude of remote shores or the vibrant energy of bustling coastal spots, our carefully curated list invites you to discover the softest sands, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking views that make these beaches the gems of our planet.

Southeast Asian Bliss: Saud Beach, Philippines Saud Beach, nestled on Luzon Island in the Philippines, offers a tranquil haven for beach enthusiasts. With its white sand gently meeting clear waters, it resembles a real-world zero-entry swimming pool. Enjoy peaceful waves, dine under thatched-roof cabanas, or embark on water adventures with an outrigger.

Low angle view of white sand beach and tall coconut palm trees in Saud beach, Pagudpud, Philippines. Beautiful sunny weather and tropical getaway.
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Greece's Pink Paradise: Elafonissi Beach, Greece Elafonissi Beach on Crete captivates with its pinkish sand, warm lagoon-like waters, and untamed ambiance. Separated from the mainland by shallow waters and sandbars, this beach stands as an island accessible during low tide. Palapa-covered loungers and seafood tavernas offer a serene retreat, and if Elafonissi is bustling, nearby Balos Lagoon awaits with its northern charm.

Elafonissi beach with pink sand on Crete
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Glowing Coral Sands: Nungwi Beach, Tanzania Nungwi Beach on Zanzibar Island, Tanzania, beckons from a vibrant fishing village. The beach's fantastic coral sand emits an otherworldly glow, complemented by pristine, easy-swimming waters, craggy rocks, and stunning sunsets against traditional dhow boats. While popular, Nungwi offers a plethora of amenities, including restaurants, beach vendors, and water sports outfitters.

Women lined with a fishing boat in the distance on the Nungwi beach in Unguja, Zanzibar Island in Tanzania. Tanzania
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Hawaiian Beauty: Hanalei Bay, Hawaii Hanalei Bay on Kauai, Hawaii, enchants with its near-mystical beauty, framed by jade-colored mountains. Long before Hollywood recognized its allure, surfers and locals cherished Hanalei's beaches, such as Wai'oli, Hanalei Pavilion, and Black Pot. The winter months attract surfers seeking challenging waves, adding to the bay's timeless appeal.

Seascape of Hanalei bay pier beach on North Shore of Kauai, Hawaii
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Iconic Glamour: Copacabana, Brazil Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, stands as one of the most famous beaches globally, boasting three miles of golden sand, a lively atmosphere, and a stunning backdrop of jagged mountains. While Leblon and Ipanema may be the current "it spots," Copacabana's vintage charm remains, drawing locals and tourists alike for sunbathing, volleyball, and indulging in beachside delights.

Copacabana Sidewalk Mosaic and Palm Trees in Rio de Janeiro
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Remote Australian Oasis: Cape Le Grand National Park, Australia Cape Le Grand National Park, along the remote southern coast of Western Australia, is a haven of pristine beaches and bays. The Coastal Trail unveils wonders like Hellfire Bay's granite boulders and Lucky Bay's world-famous white sand. For a panoramic view, embark on the wildflower-strewn Frenchman Peak Trail.

Kangaroos on the beach in Esperance
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Quirky Florida Gem: Grayton Beach, Florida Grayton Beach in South Walton, Florida, charms with its quirky personality and proximity to Grayton Beach State Park. Avoiding the crowds of more popular Florida beaches, Grayton's tree-lined streets and 400 acres of fine white sand offer a less developed, tranquil escape. The unique lake within the sand dunes is perfect for kayaking.

Founded more than 100 years ago, quirky Grayton Beach in South Walton, Florida, is mostly surrounded by the lush trees and winding trails of Grayton Beach State Park. Narrow, tree-lined streets in town are perfect for wandering (and checking out...
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Spanish Serenity: Sotavento Beach, Spain Sotavento Beach on Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands is a stark contrast to the island's bustling resorts. With 17 miles of golden dunes, a vast sandy beach, and teal waves sculpted by reliable trade winds, Sotavento is a paradise for swimming, surfing, kiteboarding, and sailing.

The famous lagoon in Risco El Paso at Playas de Sotavento, Fuerteventura
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Urban Elegance: Camps Bay Beach, South Africa Camps Bay Beach in Cape Town, South Africa, defies the remote-island norm for stunning beaches. With Table Mountain in the backdrop, it offers a vast expanse of feathery sand and inviting blue waters. While the current can be strong, the beach provides a remarkable setting for sunbathing and taking in the spectacular views.

View across Camps Bay and the Twelve Apostles (Table Mountain) at sunset.
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Seychellois Dream: Anse Source D'Argent, Seychelles Anse Source D'Argent in the Seychelles encapsulates the dreamy paradise associated with these islands. Translucent lagoons ideal for snorkeling and massive granite boulders scattered along the shore create a unique Seychellois beach experience.

Anse Source d'Argent Beach La Digue Island Seychelles
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Adventure in Cape Verde: Praia de Santa Monica, Cape Verde Praia de Santa Monica in Boa Vista, Cape Verde, unfolds along 14 miles of the island's southwest coast, featuring billowing dunes, rocky cliffs, and a wild ocean. Though the current may be too strong for swimming, the beach offers enchanting walks and whale-watching opportunities.

Low tide at Santa Monica Beach, Boa Vista Cape Verde
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Mediterranean Gem: Platja de Ses Illetes, Spain Platja de Ses Illetes, situated on a narrow wisp of land in northern Formentera, boasts a gleaming gold shore surrounded by turquoise shallows. Preserved as a nature reserve, the beach remains uncrowded, and a walk along the headland unveils even more secluded beaches.

Wooden pathway is way to go to Ses Illestes beach
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These breathtaking beaches, spread across the globe, showcase the diverse beauty our planet has to offer. Whether you seek remote tranquility, vibrant urban energy, or untouched natural wonders, the world's most stunning beaches are ready to enchant you.

Now, reach out and let us help you plan a visit to some of these spectacular beaches!