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Laura Robertson

Hi all – my name is Laura Robertson and I’m a new advisor as of 2024.

I’ve been planning travel for myself, my husband, friends, and family for many years, solely for the joy of it. I love to research and to look at options.

I also am an obsessive planner and love to dive into the details.  I love to plan trips throughout the U.S. with my friends, and am “Queen-of-the-Travel Planning-Spreadsheet”. 

I have a comprehensive knowledge of World Geography and love to be a creative problem-solver. 

I’ve been traveling outside Canada and the U.S. for 20 years, including many Caribbean cruises and adults-only all-inclusive resorts. 

I’ve also traveled through France and Italy, and look forward to expanding my visits to other countries such as Germany, Austria, and Spain. 

I can speak enough French, Spanish and Italian to get by, and know enough German to get myself into trouble!

Prior to my experience booking travel, I have worked in many facets of customer service, including insurance claims.  I pride myself on being helpful and collaborative.

I look forward to working with the My Way Holiday Team and helping to make your travel dreams come true! 

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