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Nicole Haslam

Travel Advisor

Hi everyone! I'm Nicole and I've been in the travel industry for over 10 years.

My love of travel started at the age of 14 when I started travelling for my dance career.

I moved to Mexico at the age of 18 and I knew that my life goal would be to travel the world and work in travel. Since then I have lived in Mexico, Canada, (6 different cities in two provinces ), Australia and America.

My passion for travel and career started when I moved to Vancouver and started working in the travel field professionally.

I am a global travel expert with knowledge in all continents and areas of the world.

My main focus for booking travel now are Weddings, Honeymoons, all inclusive and cruises. My all inclusive resort knowledge is extraordinary, having memorized every brand and detailed knowledge of the resorts. In addition to this, I have experienced 33 different all inclusive resorts all over the Caribbean!

I have been on 5 different cruise lines and have knowledge on the ones I have not .

I am a honeymoon expert and work with a lot of brides and grooms!

I have been to 42 countries and counting! I am very passionate about travel and consider travel knowledge the all-time power.

Booking travel and working in the travel industry is not a job for me, it is a passion. A passion that I love going above and beyond to make sure my customers and clients have the best experience not only in destination but during their booking process.

I look forward to continue making dreams come true in the travel field and helping customers achieve their travel goals as much as I do.

Your international travel expert

Nicole Haslam

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